These Smart Glasses Can Describe The World For Blind Wearers (Cool Weird Awesome 772)

A company called Envision has designed a set of glasses that uses artificial intelligence to help blind people with a wide range of activities. They can decode text, detect color and describe outdoor scenes to the wearer, among many other functions.

AI Can Detect Sarcasm Now, Isn’t That Just So Great (Cool Weird Awesome 546)

DARPA’s Information Innovation Office and researchers at the University of Central Florida taught a deep learning algorithm to spot sarcasm by feeding it back articles of The Onion and snarky threads from Twitter and Reddit. I'm so excited.

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Self-Directed Robot Fish May Point The Way Toward Roads Full Of Self-Driving Cars (Cool Weird Awesome 494)

Blueswarm is a school of autonomous robot fish who scan their surroundings and calculate how they can swim together without colliding, like a school of actual fish. And the technology modeled on "implicit coordination" may be useful for lots of other high-tech devices in the future.

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This Device Turns Your House Into A Mini Recycling Center (Cool Weird Awesome 483)

Lasso is a prototype for an in-home recycling system. Instead of dropping your recyclables on the curb, you'd put them in the machine, to be scanned, cleaned and broken down into the raw materials that companies buy to make new cans and bottles.

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Can AI Bring Extinct Languages Back To Life? (Cool Weird Awesome 406)

A project out of MIT is using artificial intelligence to scan lost languages and find rules and conventions that may help us figure out what all those words from years ago might mean.

Predictive Text Is Changing, Not Just Predicting, What We Write (Cool Weird Awesome 298)

A new Harvard study finds those systems that suggest words to us when we type on our smartphones are actually shaping the way we write sentences and messages.

Depression-Detecting AI Is Much More Than A Virtual Mood Ring (Cool Weird Awesome 95)

Someday, smart speakers might be able to sound off if we don’t sound quite ourselves. Researchers at the University of Alberta have been working on a way for AI to detect depression through voice recordings.

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