How A Guy In 1974 Used A Computer To Order Pizza (Cool Weird Awesome 1139)

Today in 1974, the first time a person used a computer to order a pizza. It wasn't an online order, but it was still a big moment in the history of tech (and the history of pizza).

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The People Of 1921 Had A Good Feeling About 2021 (Cool Weird Awesome 457)

I certainly did not expect 2021 to be what it is, but what did people back in the day predict our world would be like now? Entrepreneur Magazine looked back at predictions from a hundred years ago, and some of them were surprisingly close to the mark.

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The Robot That Can Help People Put In Their Contact Lenses (Cool Weird Awesome 416)

An inventor in Florida has invented a robot that can put contact lenses in human eyes safety and effectively. This could be a big help to people with neurological disorders or tremors who might not otherwise be able to put those lenses in themselves. Plus: meet an online fluid simulator that's like watching really trippy ripples in a groovy pond.

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