A “Lunar Olympics” Almost Ended In Disaster For The Apollo 16 Astronauts (Cool Weird Awesome 1222)

Today was the launch date in 1972 of Apollo 16, a mission that tried to pay tribute to that year's Summer Games with a "lunar Olympics"... only the astronauts almost had a disaster on their lunar-suited hands.

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If Humans Start Living On Other Worlds, They Might End Up Creating New Accents (Cool Weird Awesome 1192)

Scientists and technicians are trying to figure out the logistics of off-Earth human bases. If that happens, there's some research that suggests the communities could end up developing their own accents.

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A Soviet Cosmonaut Once Pretended To Land On The Moon To Troll NASA (Cool Weird Awesome 1090)

Today in 1968, the Soviet Union was launching the Zond 5 mission, orbiting the moon. But on cosmanaut, knowing the US would be listening, decided to pretend he’d landed on the moon's surface.

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Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan Flew To Ireland When He Was Supposed To Fly To California (Cool Weird Awesome 1050)

Today in 1938, a pilot named Douglas Corrigan was supposed to fly from New York to California, but ended up in Dublin. “Wrong Way” Corrigan became an international celebrity - even if the story he told was not necessarily what actually happened. 

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If It Had Been Up To Billie Jean King, Astronaut Sally Ride Might Have Been A Pro Tennis Player (Cool Weird Awesome 1013)

Today in 1951, Sally Ride was born. She was a worldwide sensation in the 1980s as the first American woman in space, but before that, she was a talented youth tennis player who once caught the attention of the legendary Billie Jean King.

When An Apollo Astronaut Had A Gas Problem On The Moon (Cool Weird Awesome 993)

Today in 1972, astronauts John Young and Charles Duke stepped on the Moon during the Apollo 16 mission. Along the way, one of the moonwalkers revealed to the world, without meaning to, that orange juice had made him gassy.

The First Time Astronauts Walked In Space Without A Tether (Cool Weird Awesome 944)

Today in 1984, two US astronauts walked in space. And, for the first time, they weren’t connected to anything.

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When Alan Shepard Hit Golf Balls On The Moon (Cool Weird Awesome 891)

Today in 1923, the birthday of Alan Shepard. He was the first American in space, and the first person to ever play golf on the Moon.

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A College Student In The 1890s Became The Candid Camera Of Norway (Cool Weird Awesome 831)

For National Photography Day, here’s a remarkable photographic story from the 1890s: a guy in Norway made his own candid camera.

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Wally Funk, At Long Last An Astronaut (Cool Weird Awesome 707)

Today in 1939, the birthday of Wally Funk. She first passed astronaut training in her 20s and could have been one of the first US astronauts, but after some 60 years of trying, she finally got into space.

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