Do Stoplights Need A Fourth Color? (Cool Weird Awesome 1143)

Red, yellow and green have been our standard stoplight colors for over a century. But researchers in North Carolina suggest a fourth color could help driverless cars and those steered by humans share the road.

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Googly Eyes On Self-Driving Cars Could Help Keep Pedestrians Safe (Cool Weird Awesome 870)

If we’re ever going to get to a world of self-driving cars we’re going to need ways to make sure that world is safe - and one way to keep pedestrians safe near autonomous vehicles may be googly eyes. Seriously.

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That Time Some Dude Drove A Van Dressed As A Car Seat (Cool Weird Awesome 823)

It was around this time in 2017 that people in Arlington, Virginia spotted what looked like a grey Ford passenger van with no driver. And then things got even weirder.

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Locusts Could Teach Self-Driving Cars To Avoid Collisions (Cool Weird Awesome 370)

Autonomous vehicles need to learn how to avoid collisions. Locusts are really good at avoiding collisions. So a research project in Pennsylvania is modeling a new collision detection system on the way locusts get out of each other's way. Plus: there's an online community built around finding what businesses move into old Pizza Hut buildings after the Hut moves out.

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Smart Intersections Could Help Make Self-Driving Cars Smarter (Cool Weird Awesome 196)

You’ve heard about making cars smarter, but what about smarter intersections? Cornell researchers find that making intersections more autonomous could help get self-driving cars where they want to go more efficiently. Plus: on the anniversary of the last day of the last Apollo mission to the moon, how about a trip to the Museum of the Moon, now visiting Philadelphia?

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