There Was A John Wilkes Booth “Mummy” That Toured The US (Cruel Weird Awful 5)

Because nothing big can happen without a conspiracy theory surrounding it, in the early 1900s a guy toured the US with a preserved body that he claimed was John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln

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Why Did Actual People Start Building Snow People? (Cool Weird Awesome 945)

There's evidence humans have been building figures out of snow for centuries. But they haven't always been called "snowmen" and they haven't always looked the way they look now. We'll explain how we got the shape and the name.

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The Mysterious “Poe Toaster” Raised A Glass To The Author Every Year On His Birthday (Cool Weird Awesome 931)

Today was the birthday in 1809 of author Edgar Allan Poe. It was also the day that, for decades, a mysterious individual would pay tribute to the great writer with a mask, three roses and a bottle of cognac.

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When Al Capone Gave Two Cherry Trees To A Baltimore Hospital (Cool Weird Awesome 929)

Today in 1899 was the birthday of Al Capone. Not everyone would brag about getting a gift from the notorious gangster, but there’s a hospital in Baltimore that’s happy to share its connection.

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There’s A House In The Middle Of France’s Loire River (Cool Weird Awesome 851)

It's known as the House in the Loire, and it's a popular sight for those on Loire River boat tours. But it's not a house on a formerly dry site that later flooded; nor does anyone live there.

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Violet Jessop Lived Through Three Shipwrecks, Including The Titanic (Cool Weird Awesome 519)

One of the more than 700 survivors of the sinking of RMS Titanic was Violet Jessop, a stewardess who helped passengers get into lifeboats and wait for rescue. Amazingly, Jessop had been in one shipwreck before that, and would go on to be in another. Plus: today marks 100 years since the death of the man who patented the Ouija board. His tombstone pays special tribute to his contribution.

Bah Gawd It’s A Smart Cane (Cool Weird Awesome 132)

The weWALK is a smart cane for blind pedestrians, with ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles ahead and Google Maps connections to navigate through and describe the surrounding area. Plus: if you like pickles, the Big Dill festival is back this weekend in Baltimore.

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