The Key To Next-Generation Batteries Might Be In Crab Shells (Cool Weird Awesome 1128)

The tech industry is always on the lookout for the next big thing in batteries. Scientists on the East Coast may have found it in crab shells. 

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Sound Waves Could Help Keep High-Tech Batteries Going And Going And Going (Cool Weird Awesome 941)

Rechargeable batteries like the ones in our smartphones typically last a few years, but a new project out of Australia could lead to batteries that last nearly a decade. And that's thanks in part to sound waves.

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Here’s Why There Aren’t B Batteries (Cool Weird Awesome 913)

Maybe you had to pick up some batteries for some of the presents you bought this month. When it comes to toys, we’ve got AA, AAA, C and D batteries… but not B! Why not?

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Stretchable Batteries Could Make Wearable Tech More Wearable (Cool Weird Awesome 699)

A team at the University of British Columbia has come up with a way to make durable, stretchy and waterproof batteries that could be useful in wearable devices. Plus: three crew members on the International Space Station try out what they call orbital badminton.

There’s A New Way To Recycle The Materials We Need For High-Tech Batteries (Cool Weird Awesome 521)

As automakers move toward all-electric vehicles, we're going to need a lot more batteries, only there are difficulties in getting some of the key elements. A startup called Nth cycle may have a way to help. Plus: meet a young reader who really knows how to multitask.

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