2 02, 2023

Sound Waves Could Help Keep High-Tech Batteries Going And Going And Going (Cool Weird Awesome 941)

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Rechargeable batteries like the ones in our smartphones typically last a few years, but a new project out of Australia could lead to batteries that last nearly a decade. And that's thanks in part to sound waves.

27 12, 2022

Here’s Why There Aren’t B Batteries (Cool Weird Awesome 913)

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Maybe you had to pick up some batteries for some of the presents you bought this month. When it comes to toys, we’ve got AA, AAA, C and D batteries… but not B! Why not?

20 01, 2022

Stretchable Batteries Could Make Wearable Tech More Wearable (Cool Weird Awesome 699)

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A team at the University of British Columbia has come up with a way to make durable, stretchy and waterproof batteries that could be useful in wearable devices. Plus: three crew members on the International Space Station try out what they call orbital badminton.

16 04, 2021

There’s A New Way To Recycle The Materials We Need For High-Tech Batteries (Cool Weird Awesome 521)

By |2021-04-16T12:05:13-04:00April 16, 2021|Categories: Cool Weird Awesome, Podcasts|Tags: , , |

As automakers move toward all-electric vehicles, we're going to need a lot more batteries, only there are difficulties in getting some of the key elements. A startup called Nth cycle may have a way to help. Plus: meet a young reader who really knows how to multitask.

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