Jellyfish Just Proved You Don’t Need A Brain To Learn From Experience (Cool Weird Awesome 1104)

Today we’re learning about new research on learning in jellyfish that suggests that you can learn even if you don’t have a brain! 

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When Phineas Gage’s Skull Met An Iron Bar, Things Got Weird (Cool Weird Awesome 1086)

Today in 1848, a workplace accident caused an iron bar to go through the skull and brain of railroad worker Phineas Gage. Somehow, he lived, and ended up changing science forever.

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Maybe Our Wildest Dreams Are Wild For A Reason (Cool Weird Awesome 539)

A neuroscience researcher at Tufts University has an idea that might help explain dreams, and it’s based on something that happens with artificial intelligence.

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A Brain Implant That Can Bypass A Damaged Eye And Send Images To The Mind (Cool Weird Awesome 244)

The technology I like best is the technology that helps people do what they couldn’t do before, like a new brain implant that can put images from a camera in front of blind people.

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