American Cheese Got Its Start With A Guy From Canada (Cool Weird Awesome 1251)

It's National Cheese Day! Today we're telling the story of American cheese, which got its start from a guy who emigrated to Chicago from Ontario.

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Whey Protein Could Help Stop E-Waste (Cool Weird Awesome 1197)

Could the secret weapon against electronic waste may be cheese? Research finds a process involving the byproduct of cheesemaking known as whey protein could help recover gold and other precious metals from old computer motherboards.

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The Cheeseburger Has More Than One Origin Story (Cool Weird Awesome 615)

This weekend is National Cheeseburger Day, and there's only one such holiday. But if you ask where the cheeseburger came from, there are a couple answers.

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Martin Van Buren May Have Had The Cheesiest First Day Of Any U.S. President (Cool Weird Awesome 463)

Some presidential inauguration days are memorable; others are quiet. But the one for Martin Van Buren was probably cheesy, thanks to a giant cheddar sent to Andrew Jackson and a public party to eat it just before Van Buren moved into the White House. (Appropriately enough, today is also National Cheese Lover's Day.)

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Dude, Where’s My Billion Years Of Geology (Cool Weird Awesome 404)

Scientists have been trying for years to figure out why there's a gap in Earth's geologic record that's about a billion years long, known as the Great Uncomformity. Plus: today in 2001 an artist painted a Wyoming house inside and out with government surplus cheese. 

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It’s The Birthday Of The Shopping Cart (Cool Weird Awesome 313)

Shopping carts are all due to a guy in Oklahoma who, on this day in 1937, decided to take the shopping basket and give it wheels.

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We Can Make Orange Juice Cups From Oranges (Cool Weird Awesome 129)

Feel the Peel is a big automated juicing machine that turns discarded orange peels into bioplastic cups. Although if you don't have the cup until you juice the orange, how do you drink the first cup's worth of juice?

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