How A Christmas Card Gave Us “It’s A Wonderful Life” (Cool Weird Awesome 1151)

Today in 1946, the release of the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.” It took a while for the movie to win its spot in the top ranks of holiday films - and the story on which the movie is based also took a little while to make its way into the world. 

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Salvador Dalí Used To Draw Christmas Cards For Hallmark (Cool Weird Awesome 678)

The history of Christmas cards has taken some strange turns over the years, but maybe none stranger than when Surrealist icon Salvador Dalí made Christmas cards for Hallmark.

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Meet The Inventor Of The Christmas Card (Cool Weird Awesome 442)

In 1843, British civil servant Henry Cole wanted a way to send holiday greetings to friends, colleagues and loved ones without having to write letter after letter. And that's where commercial Christmas cards began. Plus: did you know that chili pepper plants were once considered just as festive as poinsettias?

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The Terrifying World Of Victorian-Era Christmas Cards (Cool Weird Awesome 199)

Santa Claus stuffing a terrified kid into his bag of presents? Creepy monsters chasing people? A Christmas dinner come to life, with utensils as legs? Meet some of the many terrifying designs for Christmas cards back in the Victorian era. Plus: today is the anniversary of Earthrise, the iconic photo taken by the Apollo 8 crew as they orbited the moon.

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