23 12, 2022

Why “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” Was Almost Canceled (Cool Weird Awesome 911)

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There are lots of classic holiday songs, but one of them didn’t get a warm welcome from some corners when it was first released. Here's why "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" was condemned and even briefly banned in some parts of the US.

22 12, 2022

There Are Schools Where You Can Learn To Be Santa (Cool Weird Awesome 910)

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Anybody can put on a red suit and hat, don a white beard and say “ho ho ho” to passersby. But if you want to do Kris Kringle’s job properly, you can do what hundreds and hundreds of them have done: go to Santa school.

24 12, 2021

The Fiaccole of Abbadia San Salvatore Literally Make The Holiday Season Bright (Cool Weird Awesome 679)

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Every Christmas Eve, at 6pm, the people of Abbadia San Salvatore in Italy light pyramids of wood called fiaccole they they've carefully collected and stacked for weeks. On what's one of the coldest and darkest nights of the year, the work together to celebrate with heat and light for everyone.

23 12, 2021

Salvador Dalí Used To Draw Christmas Cards For Hallmark (Cool Weird Awesome 678)

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The history of Christmas cards has taken some strange turns over the years, but maybe none stranger than when Surrealist icon Salvador Dalí made Christmas cards for Hallmark.

22 12, 2021

How The Beatles Stitched Two Takes Of “Strawberry Fields Forever” Into A Rock Classic (Cool Weird Awesome 677)

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Today in 1966, the Beatles were trying to make one great take of their new song “Strawberry Fields Forever,” and with help from producer George Martin and engineer Geoff Emerick, they ended up making that one great take out of two half takes.

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