Sometimes Coffee Isn’t A Beverage, It’s Coffee Jelly (Cool Weird Awesome 1098)

It's National Coffee Day, and while most coffee fans prefer to brew and drink the stuff, there are other options. For example, have you ever tried coffee jelly?

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Old Coffee Grounds Could Make Concrete Stronger, Greener, More Jittery (Cool Weird Awesome 1082)

If part of your morning routine involves caffeine in a cup, you may be interested to know about a new research project that uses coffee grounds to improve concrete.

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Cliff Young Won An Ultramarathon By Running Like An “Old Turtle” (Cool Weird Awesome 997)

Forty years ago today, the first ever Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon began. Five days later, the first guy to cross the finish line was a 61 year old farmer with arthritis in both legs. Here's how self-described "old turtle" Cliff Young pulled off such an unexpected win.

The Original Declaration Of Independence Had A Rough Century Or So (Cool Weird Awesome 855)

Today in 1921, President Warren Harding issued an executive order that would finally protect the United States’ most important documents after decades of wear and tear.

The Robot That Could Do Surgeries In Space (Cool Weird Awesome 837)

MIRA is a small robotic surgery system that's set for testing on the International Space Station - and could end up helping astronauts prepare for long-term missions to the Moon as part of the Artemis project.

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Coffee Milk Is The Official State Drink Of Rhode Island (Cool Weird Awesome 821)

Today in 1993, Rhode Island adopted coffee milk as its official state drink. And in that state, coffee milk is kind of a world unto itself.

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The Next Big Thing In Home Insulation? Mushrooms (Cool Weird Awesome 632)

A startup in the UK has found a way to use mushrooms to create a new, greener kind of home insulation. But don't worry, it isn't just growing mushrooms inside the walls of your house. Plus: an Australian company that delivers coffee by drone is reworking its business model because nesting ravens are attacking their aircraft. 

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Melitta Bentz Gave Coffee Lovers A Filter To Keep The Grounds Out Of Their Drinks (Cool Weird Awesome 625)

It's International Coffee Day, so here's the story of a woman in Dresden, Germany, who made it a lot easier to brew coffee: Melitta Bentz, the inventor of the coffee filter. Plus: it's World Smile Day, and in Polk County, Oregon, there's a giant smiley face on a hillside made of trees!

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The Olympic Team That Paid Its Way By Selling Coffee (Cool Weird Awesome 391)

On National Coffee Day, we bring you the story of Brazilian athletes who, without travel funds from the government, had to earn their way to the Olympics in Los Angeles by selling coffee beans. Plus: in Bedford, Pennsylvania, there's a building shaped like a big metal coffee pot.

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