Scientists Flipped Coins 350,757 Times To See If The Results Were 50/50 (Cool Weird Awesome 1106)

Flip a standard coin and you’ve got a 50 percent chance of heads and a 50 percent chance of tails, right? Well, there’s new research out that says… maybe not quite.

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The US Almost Had Coins Worth A Tenth Of A Cent (Cool Weird Awesome 1061)

Around this time in 1935, the US government was making a big decision about some small amounts of money: there was a push to create a kind of currency worth a tenth of a cent. 

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Pennies Were First Used Back When A Penny Was Worth Something, By Golly (Cool Weird Awesome 960)

Today in 1793, the U.S. Mint issued its first circulating coins, which were one-cent pieces. Here's a little bit about how we got the penny and some of its most memorable designs.

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Each Year, London Pays Rent To The Crown For Land That’s… Somewhere (Cool Weird Awesome 863)

The UK has lots of traditions. Here's another one: once a year, sometime between about now and mid November, the city of London pays rent to the Crown for several pieces of land in what’s called the Ceremony of Quit Rents.

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Buy A Box Of Cereal, Get A Square Inch Of Land In The Yukon (Cool Weird Awesome 468)

It was on this day in 1955 that began a promotional campaign for the ages: where you could buy a box of cereal and find a deed to some land inside each specially marked box.

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Australia’s Biggest Little Spelling Error (Cool Weird Awesome 38)

Australians have been laughing, cursing, sighing and facepalming over a misspelled word on the newest printing of the Australian $50 dollar note.

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