Latvia Has Blue Cows And A Play Helped Save Them (Cool Weird Awesome 808)

Today is Cow Appreciation Day, so here's the story of some very unusual cows in Latvia and a playwright who helped save them from disappearing for good.

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Eugene Polley Let The World Change Channels Without Getting Up (Cool Weird Awesome 666)

Today in 1915, the birthday of an inventor who would change our viewing habits for the better: Eugene Polley, who created the first wireless remote control system for TVs.

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Cows Prefer Face-To-Face Talking Over Remote, And Don’t We All At This Point (Cool Weird Awesome 407)

We’re not the only species that knows the difference between a face-to-face chat and a remote one. Research out of Vienna shows cows prefer live human voices to recorded ones. Plus: on National Chocolate Day, we pay a visit to the world's largest chocolate moose, in Scarborough, Maine.

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To Protect Themselves From Lions, Cattle In Botswana Have Eyes On Their Backsides (Cool Weird Awesome 359)

"Ambush predators" like lions go after livestock while those animals aren't looking. So scientists at the University of New South Wales tested a theory in Botswana: what if we painted eyes on the back ends of cattle so the lions thought they were watching? Plus: National Roller Coaster Day is coming up, make your plans to visit Japan's famous pedal-powered SkyCycle. 

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When Cows Get Excited, They Tell Each Other About It (Cool Weird Awesome 224)

A PhD student at the University of Sydney, Alexandra Green, studied a herd of cows for more than five months to study what she called cattle vocal individuality. Cows, it turns out, have a lot to say to each other! Plus: the story of Manuela, a tortoise in Brazil who probably should've spoken up at some point.

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We’re Unleashing Drones On Cows And It’s For Their Health (Cool Weird Awesome 128)

The so-called quiet life on the farm is actually one of the most high-tech places on earth. As envisioned by the University of Kentucky research team, drones could fly above cow herds as they graze, learn which cow is which, and visually check each cow so see if they’re healthy.

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Keep Playing, Richie Havens, The Rest Of Woodstock Is Coming (Cool Weird Awesome 106)

Richie Havens wasn't supposed to be the first act at the Woodstock festival, which started 50 years ago today. But like so much of Woodstock, what was supposed to happen was very different than what actually took place. Oh, also, there were cows there!

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