If You’re Going To Break Into Somebody’s House, Don’t Leave A Finger Behind (Cruel Weird Awful 1)

The world is sometimes a horrible place - and Cruel Weird Awful is here to guide you through the worst of it. Today, the story of a guy who got caught trying to break into somebody's house because the resident slammed the front door on the suspect's finger and when he fled, the finger stayed behind.

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Why People Push Peanuts Up Pikes Peak With Their Noses (Cool Weird Awesome 1000)

It's our 1000th episode! To celebrate, here's the story of a guy this month in 1929 who won a bet by proving he could push a peanut all the way up Pikes Peak with his nose.

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When The Supreme Court Kind Of Ruled That An Airplane Wasn’t A Motor Vehicle (Cool Weird Awesome 966)

Today in 1931, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that seems to say that a guy who stole an airplane was not guilty of breaking the law against stealing motor vehicles. Though it’s actually a little more complicated than that.

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Solar-Powered Cribs Are A Bright Idea To Stop Jaundice (Cool Weird Awesome 736)

Jaundice is treatable with phototherapy, but not all places have access to light therapy machines. A startup in Nigeria is building solar-powered phototherapy machines to fill that gap.

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U.S. Grant Once Got Arrested For Speeding While He Was President (Cool Weird Awesome 523)

It's the birthday of Ulysses S. Grant, hero of the Civil War and the only sitting president to have been arrested. Here's the story of how Grant was out speeding through Washington DC and ended up in trouble with the law. It's also the birthday of telegraph pioneer Samuel Morse, so we'll have the story of one of the cleverest uses of Morse Code in the world.

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Victor Lustig, The Con Artist Who Sold The Eiffel Tower (Cool Weird Awesome 451)

Today is (we think) the birthday of Victor Lustig, perhaps the most notorious scammer of all time. He swindled Al Capone once and "sold" the Eiffel Tower twice! Plus: if you need help relaxing these days, try the ambient soundscapes of Swiss artist Zimoun.

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HooverBall and Hoover Drinks: Some Things For August 10, 2019

Lots of stories involving presidents and/or crime today.

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