The Legend Of Blanche Heriot, Who Saved Her Love’s Life By Keeping A Bell From Ringing (Cool Weird Awesome 1009)

Today in 1455, it's said that the Wars of the Roses began in England. The civil wars over who should be king led to mostly battles but also the legendary story of Blanche Heriot, who found a creative way to keep her love from being executed.

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When Czechoslovakia Split, The Two New Countries Also Split The National Anthem (Cool Weird Awesome 449)

On this day in 1993, two new countries were born out of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. The Czech Republic and Slovakia spent months negotiating all of the old country's assets, even which side got which verses of the national anthem. Plus: many of us have tried to learn new skills during our extra time at home. Anna Chojnicka was one of them, and the skill she chose was to make art out of bananas.

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