Dancers At This Glasgow Club Are Going To Heat The Place With Their Moves (Cool Weird Awesome 660)

Dance clubs can get hot when things are in full swing. So why not turn that extra heat into green energy? A nightclub in Glasgow is teaming up with a geothermal power company to use the energy dancers put out to heat and cool the place. Plus: when Apollo 12 reached the moon, astronaut Pete Conrad said some stirring words... that helped him win a bet. 

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Fred Astaire Was Once Second Banana To His Sister Adele (Cool Weird Awesome 532)

It's the day in 1899 that dancing, acting and singing legend Fred Astaire was born. He's best known for his iconic dancing with Ginger Rogers, but before that, he danced on stages all over the world with his sister, Adele - and she was the one who got most of the attention. Plus: a music rental company teams up with a metal drummer to create a drum kit so big it's more like a drum fortress.

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Humans Have A Nearly Irresistible Urge To Move To The Music (Cool Weird Awesome 374)

Research at the University of Oslo shows that humans have an almost unstoppable urge to start moving when the music starts - though, of course, some kinds of music and other factors can lead to more moving than others. Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas, you can (virtually) move through some of the city's most unusual houses through a virtual Weird Homes tour.

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The Earth’s Rotation Is Slowing, Thanks To The Moon (Cool Weird Awesome 257)

We’re hearing a lot about how a research project has shown that Earth days used to be about a half-hour shorter than they are now. Why is our planet rotating more slowly now? It's mostly because of the moon. Plus: in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the National Shag Dance Championships are getting underway.

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Dance Breaks and Deathfests (Cool Weird Awesome 46)

The dance team of Jew Wing Dong and Dorothy Takahashi, known professionally in their heyday as Toy and Wing. were often compared to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers for their electrifying performances on stage and screen.

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