Samantha Smith, A Kid From Maine Who Tried To Make The Cold War A Little More Peaceful (Cool Weird Awesome 1043)

Today in 1983, the beginning of an unlikely peace mission: a visit to the Soviet Union by a 10 year old from Maine named Samantha Smith.

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When Bing Crosby Sang a Christmas Duet With David Bowie (Cool Weird Awesome 430)

Today in 1977, it was the premiere of Bing Crosby's final TV Christmas special, "Merrie Olde Christmas," which featured a performance with Crosby's unlikeliest duet partner ever: David Bowie. Here's the story of how it came together.

“Nightmares That Invade Souls For All Eternity”: What I’ve Been Reading This Week, 2/4/18

Some excellent links from the past week.

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