Gail Halvorsen, The “Candy Bomber” Of The Berlin Airlift (Cool Weird Awesome 1049)

Today in 1948, an unusually sweet moment in the history of the Cold War: American servicemember Gail Halvorsen came up with a plan that would eventually earn him the nickname "the Berlin Candy Bomber."

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29 of my favorite songs from 2021

This year just kept on going, didn’t it? At least there was a ton of great music to keep us company.

The Mayor Can’t Be Here, But Would You Like A Selfie With His Cardboard Cutout? (Cool Weird Awesome 147)

When the residents of Pichuclaco, Chiapas, Mexico took part in a public health event, they didn't get to meet Mayor Moisés Aguilar Torres - at least not the real him. But they did get to see, and take pictures with, a cardboard cutout of the mayor. Plus: remember that time the people of New England went bonkers and stole hundreds of cardboard David Hasselhoffs?

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Will We Now Learn What Willis Was Talking About?

When it came to wondering what Willis was talking about, Gary Coleman was peerless. No one wondered what Willis was talking about more; no one came closer to finding out what Willis was talking about. It is fitting that the field's premier research institution is named the Gary Coleman Center for What Willis Was Talking About Studies.

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Can You Sing “David Hasselhoff”? Poster Children Can

Let us send some vibes to Poster Children, who, among many accomplishments, wrote the song "He's My Star" for David Hasselhoff. And it's a great song. And they gave a copy of the song to the Hoff. And the story is as good as the song:

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