Colorado’s State Capitol Has Pretty Much All The World’s Rose Onyx (Cool Weird Awesome 890)

Today in 1858, the founding of the city of Denver, Colorado. The state capitol building in Denver features a kind of stone known as Colorado Rose Onyx, and so far it's the only one.

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The Carrington Event, A Huge Magnetic Storm That Let Telegraph Operators Send Messages Through The Air (Cool Weird Awesome 841)

Today in 1859 the night sky was about as bright as it's ever been, thanks to a massive geomagnetic storm known today as the Carrington Event.

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Elvis Once Flew Halfway Across The Country For A Giant Sandwich (Cool Weird Awesome 471)

On this day in 1976, Elvis Presley apparently got so excited describing a sandwich made at a restaurant in Denver, that he flew there that night to eat it, and then flew right back to Memphis.

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