Shizo Kanakuri Finished A Marathon He’d Started 54 Years Earlier (Cool Weird Awesome 1207)

Today in 1967, a Japanese athlete Shizo Kanakuri, finished a Olympic marathon that he’d started in 1912. Better late than never!

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Kitty Burke Once Batted In A Major League Game (Cool Weird Awesome 1059)

Today in 1935, singer Kitty Burke got up from the crowd at a major league game and took an at-bat. To date, she's the only woman to bat in the majors. 

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A Wristband Can Help Keep Firefighters Healthy (Cool Weird Awesome 788)

Firefighting is dangerous work, in part because of the exposure to dangerous chemicals. Researchers are learning more about those exposures thanks to a simple silicone wristband.

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An Email Mixup Led To A Very Strange Welsh Road Sign (Cool Weird Awesome 645)

This week in 2008, local officials in Swanzey tried to get English-to-Welsh translation for a road sign they wanted to put up. They got a Welsh sentence in response, but it wasn't what they thought. Plus: today in 1969, the first network message on ARPANET goes through, though without a few key letters. 

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