Egg Whites Are Helping Get Microplastics Out Of The Ocean (Cool Weird Awesome 915)

Taking plastic out of the ocean is hard, especially when it comes to microplastics. Now there’s a study out of Princeton that says we can get some help in that effort from egg whites.

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The Great Green Wall Is Regreening Parts of Africa’s Sahel (Cool Weird Awesome 559)

It's the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drough, so it's a good time to check in on the Great Green Wall, a multi-country project in and around Africa’s Sahel region to re-green areas that have turned to desert because of overuse, expanding desert and climate change. Plus: a retired couple in China's Gobi Desert have been running their own regreening project for nearly 20 years, planting tens of thousands of drought-resistant trees by themselves! 

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Want To Save Water? Put Solar Panels Over Canals (Cool Weird Awesome 558)

Summer in California can mean drought, so every drop of water counts. A research project there says putting solar panels over the state's many miles of water canals could save tens of billions of gallons of water a year. Plus: a museum in Rochester, New York is going to host the National Archives of Game Show History... if the price is right. 

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