A Boycott Against Charles Boycott Gave Us The Word “Boycott” (Cool Weird Awesome 1201)

Today in 1832, the birthday of Charles Boycott, whose name has been used for over a century anytime people decide to deliberately take their business away from a group or a company.

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How “Hello” Became The English Language’s Way Of Saying Hello (Cool Weird Awesome 1130)

Today is World Hello Day, so we explain how and when English speakers started using the word "hello" to say hello.

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Why We Don’t Pronounce The Last S In Arkansas (Cool Weird Awesome 1027)

Today in 1836, Arkansas became the 25th state in the Union. It’s one of just a handful of states whose names sound different than they’re spelled. And if you’re wondering why it’s pronounced Arkan-saw instead of Ar-kansas, well, that’s what we’re here to explain. 

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Pitcher Ray Caldwell Was Struck By Lightning During A Game But Won Anyway (Cool Weird Awesome 834)

Today in 1919, one of the strangest moments in the history of baseball: a pitcher won a game in which he was struck by lightning!

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Here’s Some Trivia About The Word Trivia (Cool Weird Awesome 687)

This daily podcast is like a study group for trivia players. So today we're going to give you some trivia about the word trivia! Plus: today in 2010, the opening of the Burj Khalifa, a building so tall that at the top you can see the sun even when it’s dark at the bottom.

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An Online Dictionary For Science Fiction’s Many Words And Worlds (Cool Weird Awesome 473)

A new website called the Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction is taking us back through the words that have made sci-fi what it is and showing how much this genre has shaped popular culture. Plus: meet a planet that's barely orbiting a brown dwarf, some 450 light years from earth, a spot in the actual universe that seems more like science fiction.

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How French Soup-Makers Helped Give Us Restaurants (Cool Weird Awesome 303)

It's National Waitstaff Day, and whether or not you're back to dining out, it's a good time to figure out a little of where restaurants come from. (It's complicated.) Plus: the website ThisWordDoesNotExist creates words that sound real but aren't.

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Our Show About The History Of “OK” Is Just Okay (Cool Weird Awesome 265)

On this day in 1839 we first saw the word we use so often to describe our most middling feelings. That’s right, it’s the birthday of OK. Plus: it's also the anniversary of the time an astronaut smuggled a corned beef sandwich aboard a space mission.

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How Old Is The Word “Word”? (Cool Weird Awesome 155)

Languages change over time; Merriam-Webster said it added over 500 new words to the dictionary last month. But you can also see those new additions over time through the Time Traveler feature on Merriam-Webster's website. Plus: a piece on Mental Floss explains how some of the most beloved Halloween candies got their names.

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