An Ad In The 70s Had Awful Advice For Bowlers: “Beat Your Wife Tonight” (Cruel Weird Awful 11)

In the 1970s some people in the bowling industry thought they’d come up with a clever way to get more people to the lanes, but they chose poorly when it came to the words.

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Turkmenistan’s Leader Once Drove Doughnuts Around A Flaming Crater Known As The “Gates Of Hell” (Cool Weird Awesome 1064)

This week in 2019, the president of Turkmenistan got the world’s attention with a very unusual drive around a flaming gas crater that's become an attraction for some tourists as well as a big headache for environmental scientists.

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Rhnull, The Blood Type That Only A Handful Of People In The World Have (Cool Weird Awesome 918)

Most people have O, A, B or AB type blood, but there are dozens of rarer blood types, including Rhnull, which is sometimes called "golden blood."

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The Birth Of The Blinking Cursor (Cool Weird Awesome 905)

Today in 1930, the inventor of the computer cursor was born. It’s one of those creations that’s so small and common that it’s easy to forget what a big deal it really is.

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The Fiaccole of Abbadia San Salvatore Literally Make The Holiday Season Bright (Cool Weird Awesome 679)

Every Christmas Eve, at 6pm, the people of Abbadia San Salvatore in Italy light pyramids of wood called fiaccole they they've carefully collected and stacked for weeks. On what's one of the coldest and darkest nights of the year, the work together to celebrate with heat and light for everyone.

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Emma Schols Saved Her Six Kids From A Burning House (Cool Weird Awesome 605)

Today in 2019, a woman in Sweden rose to an unthinkable occasion: she rescued all six of her children, including three under 5 years old, while their house burned down. Plus: did you know hummingbirds can see some ultraviolet colors that humans can't? 

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When Marvel Printed A KISS Comic Book, The Band Added Its Blood To The Ink (Cool Weird Awesome 544)

Today in 1977, Marvel Comics publishes a KISS Super Special - and what was really unusual was that the band members had each added a little of their blood into the ink. Plus: a fire-breathing pipe organ that wouldn't be at all out of place at a KISS concert. 

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How To Fight Fires With Drones (Cool Weird Awesome 274)

Firefighters in Chongqing, China, may soon put out fires with help from a team of six large drones that can get in the air and quickly extinguish blazes.

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