The Price Is Right Contestant Who Couldn’t Lose At Plinko (Cool Weird Awesome 816)

On this day in 2008 things got weird during a recording of The Price Is Right, when a contestant kept hitting the big money in a round of Plinko. Plus: today in Key West, Florida, it’s preliminary round two of the annual Hemingway Look-Alike Contest.

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The Town In New Mexico That Renamed Itself After A Game Show (Cool Weird Awesome 745)

Today in 1950, Hot Spring, New Mexico gave itself a new name, by responding to a challenge from the game show Truth or Consequences.

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Want To Save Water? Put Solar Panels Over Canals (Cool Weird Awesome 558)

Summer in California can mean drought, so every drop of water counts. A research project there says putting solar panels over the state's many miles of water canals could save tens of billions of gallons of water a year. Plus: a museum in Rochester, New York is going to host the National Archives of Game Show History... if the price is right. 

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I’ll Take Alex Trebek Facts For $500, Alex (Cool Weird Awesome 121)

It sure was nice to hear that Jeopardy host Alex Trebek is not only doing well following his cancer treatment, he’s already back at work on a new season of the show! Each day's filming requires hundreds of clues, multiple suit changes and lots of ways to respond to contestants' responses.

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