18 09, 2023

What Ants Can Teach Us About Mass Transportation (Cool Weird Awesome 1089)

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A UCLA study finds that humans might be able to find some transportation inspiration from another creature that moves around in large numbers: the ant.

5 09, 2023

How High-Tech Garbage Trucks Can Help Maintain A City (Cool Weird Awesome 1080)

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A new project using smart cameras could help keep our neighborhoods in proper working order, and it’s all based around garbage trucks. 

5 04, 2023

Carlester Smith Walked His Way Through Annapolis (Cool Weird Awesome 981)

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For National Walking Day, the story of the guy known as the “Walking Man of Annapolis,” Carlester Smith, and how he helped keep his neighborhood clean on daily speedwalks.

23 11, 2021

High Tech Clothes Could Start Your Car Or Pay For Your Groceries (Cool Weird Awesome 662)

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Our wireless, hands-free, automatic, smart device era may be about to get even smarter, thanks to high-tech smart fabric that can send out signals to devices or turn itself into a health monitor. Plus: a trash barrel from the US goes on holiday, traveling all the way across the ocean to end up in Ireland. 

16 06, 2020

Time To Upgrade The International Space Station’s Bathroom (Cool Weird Awesome 321)

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Sometimes you go into space to land on the moon, and other times it’s for maintenance purposes. NASA is planning a mission to replace the toilet on the International Space Station. Plus: this is Waste and Recycling Workers Week, are you paying tribute to those who collect all the stuff we toss out?

3 10, 2019

The Trash Can Isn’t Going To Take Itself Out. Oh, Actually Now It Is (Cool Weird Awesome 141)

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The Smart Can is a motorized, automated trash bin that will drive itself to the curb every week. Which means it's already more motivated about garbage day than I've ever been. Plus: the pinball festival known as PinBaltimore is getting underway in Maryland.

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