Berlin’s Jazz Age Nightclubs Let People Message Each Other Through Pneumatic Tubes (Cool Weird Awesome 1167)

In our time there are lots of apps and other programs that help people who are looking to date. Back in the 1920s, some clubs in Berlin let singles flirt using pneumatic tubes and tableside telephones!

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The Zeitpyramide Is An Art Project That Will Take 1,200 Years To Build (Cool Weird Awesome 1103)

This month in 1993, the start of a project that is going to take a while: the Zeitpyramide, a 120 block art installation that’s being built at the rate of one block every decade. 

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Patrick Combs Cashed A $95,000 Promotional “Check” And Actually Got The Money (Cool Weird Awesome 1100)

This month in 1995, the conclusion of a very odd saga involving one Patrick Combs, who deposited a promotional check from a piece of junk mail and actually got the money! 

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Betsy Ross May Not Have Made The First Flag, But She Really Did Make Flags (Cool Weird Awesome 917)

Today in 1752, the birthday of the woman known today as Betsy Ross. The legend goes that after meeting with General George Washington, Mrs. Ross put together the very first version of what would become the flag of the United States. Historians are pretty sure that’s just a legend, but there are reasons why the story came to be.

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The “McBarge” Was A Floating Wonderland Of Fast Food (Cool Weird Awesome 889)

It's National Fast Food Day, and here's the story of an uncommon fast food restaurant: the Friendship 500, a floating McDonald's restaurant in the 80s nicknamed the "McBarge."

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Two Families Escaped East Germany In A Homemade Hot Air Balloon (Cool Weird Awesome 614)

Today in 1979, a story that sounds like it came straight out of a movie: two families in Communist East Germany escaped to the West by making and flying a hot air balloon. Plus: Today in 2018, Denise Mueller-Korenek broke the world record for “fastest bicycle speed in slipstream": 183.9 mph. 

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