These Smart Glasses Can Generate Real-Time Speech Captions For Deaf People (Cool Weird Awesome 1072)

TranscribeGlass is a new set of glasses powered by artificial intelligence that can transcribe speech in real time and create captions for people who need them.

This Worm-Shaped Pipe-Clearing Robot Could Be The Fatberg Fighter We Need (Cool Weird Awesome 738)

There really is a robot now called the Pipe-Worm. It's built to unclog pipes, and it does it by mimicking earthworms.

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Mollusk Shells Inspire An “Unbreakable” Glass (Cool Weird Awesome 630)

Glass is versatile stuff, but fragile. A new project out of McGill University is modeled after the material in mollusk shells and could make glass a lot more durable. Plus: in Brazil, Fabio Gomes Trindade makes outdoor art that incorporates the shapes and colors of the nearby trees and bushes. 

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