Babbo Natale, The Yule Goat and The World’s Many Christmas Gift Givers (Cool Weird Awesome 1154)

Santa Claus may be the man with the bag in the US today, but in other parts of the world there are some very different gift givers. We'll ride with a few of them to celebrate the many ways people celebrate December 25. Merry Christmas!

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For Decades, The Chicago Cubs Missed The World Series, And Fans Blamed It On The Curse Of The Billy Goat (Cool Weird Awesome 860)

Today in 1945 was the beginning of curse, or at least that's how frustrated fans of the Chicago Cubs. Here's the story of the Curse of the Billy Goat.

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The Mountain Goat Airlift Of 2018 (Cool Weird Awesome 621)

Around this time in 2018 humans started removing mountain goats from Olympic National Park in Washington state. But for a range of reasons, they had to do it by putting the goats in harnesses and flying them out with a helicopter. Plus: around this time in 1997, Elton John improvised a song on a TV show using words from some guy's oven manual. 

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