Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel Cleans Up The Waterfront With Technology And Googly Eyes (Cool Weird Awesome 1241)

This month in 2014, the debut of Mr. Trash Wheel! He’s become a social media sensation for his giant googly eyes and his dedication to cleaning up Baltimore’s waterfront.

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Ruth Belville, The Last “Time Carrier” In London (Cool Weird Awesome 1196)

Today in 1854, the birthday of a very important person in the history of how we keep track of time: Ruth Belville, who has been called the “Greenwich Time Lady.” 

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The “Chat Checkout” In The Netherlands Makes Sure Everyone Has Someone To Talk To (Cool Weird Awesome 628)

One of the many things we’ve learned over the last 19 months or so is that a lot of people around us can get lonely and isolated, even if they want social contact. In the Netherlands, a grocery store chain is trying to help by offering Kletskassa, or "chat checkout," where customers and clerks can strike up conversations if they need them. Plus: October is National Roller Skating Month, and whenever you’re next in Lincoln, Nebraska, you can check out the National Museum of Roller Skating.

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It’s The Birthday Of The Shopping Cart (Cool Weird Awesome 313)

Many of us are getting ready for our weekly shopping trips over the weekend, figuring out what we want to put in our carts. Those carts, by the way, are all due to a guy in Oklahoma who, on this day in 1937, decided to take the shopping basket and give it wheels. Plus: on National Cheese Day we pay tribute to the hardest, chewiest cheese in the world: churrpi!

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