Two US Cities Each Insist Their Cuban Sandwich Is The Authentic One (Cool Weird Awesome 1225)

Around this time in 2012, Tampa, Florida declared that “The Historic Tampa Cuban Sandwich” was the city’s signature sandwich. People in Miami weren't thrilled about this, because they insist their Cuban is the historic one.

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Two Forecasters Figured Out How To Predict Tornadoes, Right Before One Touched Down (Cool Weird Awesome 741)

Today in 1948, two meteorologists helped make things safer for those living in the path of severe storms, when they issued the first successful tornado warning.

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The Proto-Guitarist Who Rocked Ancient Egypt (Cool Weird Awesome 475)

The earliest guitar-like instrument we've been able to find appears to have belonged to Har-Mose, who played for Queen Hatshepsut 3500 years ago in ancient Egypt.

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The Canadiens And Maple Leafs Had A Brawl, And A Hockey Game Broke Out (Cool Weird Awesome 437)

Today in 1953, two NHL teams racked up a then-record 204 penalty minutes, in a game that’s officially 60 minutes long. Hockey is a rough sport. Plus a guitarist in Japan can play blues riffs with a cheerful little parakeet on his hand!

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Can Drones Help Make Bridges Safer? (Cool Weird Awesome 342)

The drone company Skydio has just announced a new 3D scanning software that’s intended for use on large-scale structures like bridges. That may help us deal with the tens of thousands of "structurally deficient" bridges in the US. Plus: ever seen a guy do a shredding guitar solo riding on a OneWheel skateboard?

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Earth Might Have Been Purple Back In The Day (Cool Weird Awesome 318)

Our planet is sometimes called the big blue marble, but there's a hypothesis that suggests if you look way back in time, Earth may have once been bright purple.

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If You Like Hockey, You’ll Like Blind Hockey (Cool Weird Awesome 228)

A growing number of hockey fans are paying attention to blind hockey, where players have either full blindness or 10 percent vision or less. That puts the emphasis on sound.

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Ben Franklin vs Counterfeiters (Cool Weird Awesome 218)

Benjamin Franklin was a lot of things, but he always saw himself as a printer - and some of what he printed was currency for American colonies. Turns out he had some pretty creative ways to try to keep counterfeiters from copying his bills. Plus: New Orleans is hosting the Samantha Fish Cigar Box Guitar Festival this weekend.

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Literally, It’s A Metal Guitar (Cool Weird Awesome 180)

This is a guitar that will literally help you nail a solo: maker and woodworker Tim Sway built a guitar out of reclaimed nails, which he calls the "Tetanuscaster."

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The Best Defense Against Cougars Is Metallica (Cool Weird Awesome 103)

When a cougar started walking toward her on a logging trail in British Columbia, Dee Gallant used the power of rock to protect herself. Plus: in a move that might make heavy metal even heavier, guitarist Takamizawa Toshihiko designs a guitar shaped like Godzilla.

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