How Insects, World War I, Golf Balls And Halloween Candy Helped Lead Us To Daylight Saving Time (Cool Weird Awesome 967)

Daylight Saving Time begins early this Sunday. People have been complaining about the time change, or the lack thereof, since it first came up. So how did it first come up?

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The Dunce Cap Was Once A Hat Worn By Great Scholars (Cool Weird Awesome 853)

School is back in session, and fortunately teachers aren't using dunce caps to shame their students. How did a hat that was once worn by prominent thinkers end up as the hat of choice for teachers trying to brand students as dopes?

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The Rhino That Won A Seat On São Paulo’s City Council (Cool Weird Awesome 629)

Today in 1959, a write-in candidate for city council in São Paulo, Brazil, won a huge victory. The catch: that candidate was a rhinoceros from the São Paulo Zoo. Plus: today in 1935, a man in Houston, Missouri finds a hat he'd lost three years earlier. 

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The First Top Hat Got Its Inventor Arrested (Cool Weird Awesome 460)

Today in 1797, haberdasher John Hetherington reportedly walked onto the streets of London wearing the first top hat, which caused so much hubbub that he was arrested and fined for disturbing the peace!

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Old-Time Sports Radio Used To Give The Audience Diagrams (Cool Weird Awesome 216)

On this day in 1927, the BBC tried something new for their broadcast of a rugby match between England and Wales: they partnered with Radio Times magazine to publish a diagram of a rugby pitch to help the audience follow the action.

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