Musical Alarms Could Help Save Lives In Hospitals (Cool Weird Awesome 1199)

There's a phenomenon in hospitals called "alarm fatigue" that can actually cause problems for patients. An anesthesiologist and a music cognition researcher have teamed up to find alternatives to the jarring beeps.

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This Smart Glove Can Help People Recover From A Stroke (Cool Weird Awesome 1177)

A new wearable device can track arm and hand movements from people recovering from strokes to help improve their rehab exercises.

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People In The “Dirty” Middle Ages Actually Liked To Get Clean (Cool Weird Awesome 1140)

There was a really interesting piece on J-STOR recently that washes away the widespread idea that the Middle Ages in Europe was just unbelievably filthy. Why is it that we think the Middle Ages WAS so dirty?

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Can We Patch Back Injuries The Way We Patch Holes In Car Tires? (Cool Weird Awesome 1135)

The Tension-Activated Repair Patch could help people with back injuries, and it works a little bit like how we patch flat tires on the road. 

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How Font Sizes On Menus Could Help People Eat Healthier (Cool Weird Awesome 1069)

There’s new research out that suggests that for those trying to eat healthy, bigger is better - at least when it comes to font sizes on parts of the menu.

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Lifting Something Heavy? Think Positive Thoughts, Or You Might Hurt Yourself (Cool Weird Awesome 1028)

Today we have a pro tip for you if you’ve got any heavy lifting in your near future: research says it's good for your health if you keep it positive! 

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Rhnull, The Blood Type That Only A Handful Of People In The World Have (Cool Weird Awesome 918)

Most people have O, A, B or AB type blood, but there are dozens of rarer blood types, including Rhnull, which is sometimes called "golden blood."

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A Wristband Can Help Keep Firefighters Healthy (Cool Weird Awesome 788)

Firefighting is dangerous work, in part because of the exposure to dangerous chemicals. Researchers are learning more about those exposures thanks to a simple silicone wristband.

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Blueberries Are Nature’s Bandages (Cool Weird Awesome 233)

There's a project out of the University of Maine that's found that wild blueberries can help us heal cuts and other wounds.

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