In 1906, Chicago’s Newspapers Told Everybody The City Was Being Attacked By Dinosaurs (Cool Weird Awesome 1211)

It was probably more elaborate than your standard April Fools Day joke: today in 1906, the Chicago Tribune put together a two page "report," complete with pictures, about swarms of dinosaurs wrecking the city.

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The Cardiff Giant Was A Fake Giant That Caused A Real Uproar (Cool Weird Awesome 1109)

Today in 1869, one of the most famous hoaxes of the 19th century began, when workers in Cardiff, New York supposedly uncovered the remains of a 10 foot tall man known as the Cardiff Giant. 

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A Soviet Cosmonaut Once Pretended To Land On The Moon To Troll NASA (Cool Weird Awesome 1090)

Today in 1968, the Soviet Union was launching the Zond 5 mission, orbiting the moon. But on cosmanaut, knowing the US would be listening, decided to pretend he’d landed on the moon's surface.

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Mary Toft, The Woman Who Said She Gave Birth To Rabbits (Cruel Weird Awful 6)

Here's a story that brought out the worst in everybody: it's the story of Mary Toft, the so-called Rabbit Queen of 18th Century England who claimed she had given birth to countless numbers of rabbits and other wild creatures.

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A Chess “Robot” Beat Grand Masters In The 18th Century – Sort Of (Cool Weird Awesome 803)

Today in 1854, the end of one of the great hoaxes of its day: a fire in a Philadelphia museum destroyed what people of that time thought was a super-intelligent chess robot.

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William Mumler, The Photographer Who Had “Spirits” In His Pictures (Cool Weird Awesome 755)

Today in 1865, Abraham Lincoln went to Ford's Theater, and we all know how badly that ended. But five years later, William Mumler "photographed" the spirit of Honest Abe comforting his widow Mary Todd Lincoln. Here's the story of Mumler and his very controversial "spirit photography."

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