Some American Hockey Players Develop Canadian-Ish Accents (Cool Weird Awesome 1249)

There’s some linguistic research that suggests that American hockey players sometimes start to sound more like Canadians as their hockey careers continue.

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What Does It Take To Be Great At Underwater Hockey? (Cool Weird Awesome 989)

The NHL postseason is getting underway, but once the Stanley Cup has been won, what do hockey fans watch? Here's one idea: underwater hockey, which is a growing sport set to make a splash.

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The Canadiens And Maple Leafs Had A Brawl, And A Hockey Game Broke Out (Cool Weird Awesome 437)

Today in 1953, two NHL teams racked up a then-record 204 penalty minutes, in a game that’s officially 60 minutes long. Hockey is a rough sport. Plus a guitarist in Japan can play blues riffs with a cheerful little parakeet on his hand!

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If You Like Hockey, You’ll Like Blind Hockey (Cool Weird Awesome 228)

A growing number of hockey fans are paying attention to blind hockey, where players have either full blindness or 10 percent vision or less. That puts the emphasis on sound.

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Eddie Shore, The Hockey Player Who Would Do Anything To Make The Game (Cool Weird Awesome 207)

Bruins defenseman Eddie Shore missed his team's train from Boston to Montreal for a must-win game against the Canadiens. So he did what anyone would do: drove 350 miles in a blizzard without a windshield to get there. Plus: DriveTanks in Uvalde, Texas, puts you in charge of a Chieftain MKG tank, though car crushing and flamethrowers are extra.

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