How The Snow Globe Started Shaking Up Winter (Cool Weird Awesome 1153)

Winter is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere. If it doesn't feel like it yet, grab a snow globe - we'll tell you how they got their start.

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Houston’s Hanukkah House Brings All The Lights For The Holidays (Cool Weird Awesome 908)

When most people mark Hanukkah with lights, they mean candles on a menorah. But Philip Grosman of Houston is bringing all the lights for the festival at Hannukah House.

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When ALS Stopped Jason Becker’s Guitar Playing, He Became An Accomplished Composer (Cool Weird Awesome 899)

Today in 2018, the release of the album “Triumphant Hearts” by guitarist Jason Becker. Not many people in music know as much about triumph over adversity as Jason Becker, who found new ways to create and share music decades after being diagnosed with ALS.

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All Work And No Play Makes A Dull Bumblebee (Cool Weird Awesome 893)

This is maybe the most adorable scientific study of the year: researchers have been testing whether bumblebees like to play with toys… and they do!

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Pilot Whales Trick Their Predators By Mimicking Their Voices (Cool Weird Awesome 435)

A team out of New Curtin University in Australia has found that pilot whales appear to imitate one of their predators, tricking them away from the hunt. And in equally clever but much more irritating news, a neighborhood in Ottawa, Ontario reports squirrels are stealing the LED lights out of their holiday displays.

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