Baseball Player Ping Bodie Once Won An Eating Contest Against An Ostrich (Cool Weird Awesome 1213)

Today in 1919, one of the strangest moments in the history of professional baseball, when major leaguer Ping Bodie took on an ostrich in an eating contest and won.

In 1867 Alaska, It Was Friday, And Another Friday Came Afterward (Cool Weird Awesome 1111)

Today in 1867, the United States formally purchased the land now known as Alaska. The day before had been a Friday, but because of the transfer, that day became a Friday too.

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Why The USSR Once Thought A Hot Dog Stand Was A Top US Military Installation (Cool Weird Awesome 1091)

Today in 2006, the Pentagon announced it would tear down a fascinating piece of Cold War history: a hot dog stand that the Soviets had once thought was actually a top military target.

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When People From Towns Named Dull, Boring And Bland Get Together, You Know It’ll Get Lit (Cool Weird Awesome 1058)

Today in 2017, a news report in the Sunday Post about something known as the “League of Extraordinary Communities.” Its three members: the communities of Dull, Bland And Boring.

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Madagascar Will Be Home To The World’s First 3D-Printed School (Cool Weird Awesome 476)

Building new schools can take lots of time and money, but a new initiative has developed a construction method using 3D printing that they say can put an entire classroom together in a week or less.

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