31 10, 2022

A Couple In Texas Made A Replica Of The Munsters’ TV House (Cool Weird Awesome 877)

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Happy Halloween! Today we pay a visit to a house in Waxahachie, Texas that's a real-world replica of the home of TV's Munsters.

23 09, 2022

There’s A House In The Middle Of France’s Loire River (Cool Weird Awesome 851)

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It's known as the House in the Loire, and it's a popular sight for those on Loire River boat tours. But it's not a house on a formerly dry site that later flooded; nor does anyone live there.

2 06, 2022

A Guy In Massachusetts Made Pretty Much His Whole House Out Of Old Newspapers (Cool Weird Awesome 785)

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The Paper House of Rockport, Massachusetts has a wood frame, but otherwise owner Elis Stenman made the place almost entirely out of old newspapers. And you can still read the stories in the walls today.

26 05, 2022

Our Undersea Internet Cables Are Also Pretty Good Earthquake Detectors (Cool Weird Awesome 780)

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We now have some 750,000 miles of internet cable on ocean and seafloors. A research team found a way to use those cables to measure seismic activity, without installing anything extra.

7 04, 2022

In The 60s, There Was A Plan To Make Houses Out Of Heineken Bottles (Cool Weird Awesome 750)

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It's National Beer Day, so it's a good time to talk about a plan from the 1960s, when beer magnate Alfred Heineken tried to rework his company's green bottles so they could be upcycled into bricks for low-income houses.

29 12, 2021

Houston Has Its Own Beer Can House (Cool Weird Awesome 682)

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John Milkovisch took tens of thousands of old beer cans and turned them into aluminum siding and decorations for his house in Houston, Texas. The Beer Can House is now a local landmark.

8 09, 2021

The Spite House, An Elegant, Expensive Way To Get Back At Somebody (Cool Weird Awesome 608)

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Boston's Skinny House went up for sale recently. It's a four-story house with rooms only 10 feet wide, and was reportedly built just to block another house's view of the harbor. "Spite houses" have been regularly built for these kinds of reasons, it turns out. Plus: today in in 1504 Michelangelo completed David. We've got a fun fact about this iconic sculpture for you. 

20 07, 2021

A Felt Tip Pen Helped Get Apollo 11’s Moonwalkers Back To Earth (Cool Weird Awesome 577)

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Today in 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. But as the Apollo 11 mission went on, they had a problem: a broken switch threatened to keep them from returning to Earth. Fortunately, they had a solution: office supplies. Plus: the Lunar Lander Dwelling in Washington state is a 250 square foot getaway in the shape of the lunar module.

3 05, 2021

We Can 3D Print Houses Out Of Clay And Soil Now (Cool Weird Awesome 527)

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Two new construction projects bring the ancient art of using soil and other materials on a building site to create a new house, in these cases with the help of 3d printers. Plus: Scan the World is an online museum that has 3D scans of thousands of great artworks. 

17 02, 2020

Gerald Ford Stayed In His Own House, Not The White House, After He Became President (Cool Weird Awesome 239)

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Since 1800, presidents have made the White House their home base. But there have been a few times when new presidents took office unexpectedly and the world's most powerful address wasn’t yet available to them. For Gerald Ford in 1974, that meant he spent the first 10 days of his presidency living at his family home in Alexandria, Virginia.

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