The Blackwell Family Tree Traces Black History Through Centuries (Cool Weird Awesome 1188)

For Black History Month, the story of the Blackwell Family Tree, a genealogy project that traces on Black family's history back through thousands of people and hundreds of years.

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The Legend Of James Bartley, Who Was Supposedly Swallowed By A Whale (Cool Weird Awesome 943)

Supposedly this month in 1891 a sailor named James Bartley was swallowed by a whale and lived! But The Straight Dope took a closer look and found this story was almost certainly too good to be true.

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Clara MacBeth, The Queen Of Cruise Ships, Spent Decades At Sea (Cool Weird Awesome 942)

Today is Take A Cruise Day. Cruise ships aren’t for everybody, but some of us really take to them, especially Clara MacBeth, who spent entire decades on cruise ships sailing around the world.

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Voyager 1 Hears A “Hum” From Beyond The Solar System (Cool Weird Awesome 535)

Way out there beyond the edge of the solar system, Voyager 1 is measuring the density of the stuff out there. And because that stuff is vibrating, it comes out as sound. In other words, there are sounds in interstellar space and we have now recorded them. Plus: a look at a very chill hobby some bartenders have taken up in Japan. 

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Scientists Can Make Diamonds Out Of Peanut Butter (Cool Weird Awesome 223)

On National Peanut Butter Day, a reminder that peanut butter is so versatile it can be turned into diamonds. It actually takes more time to explain why you can turn peanut butter into diamonds than to explain how. Plus: this weekend in McCall, Idaho, the Idaho State Snow Sculpting Championships are taking place.

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