4 07, 2023

Not Even An Alien Attack Or Zombie Apocalypse Could Keep The US From Protecting Its Founding Documents (Cool Weird Awesome 1040)

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Today we celebrate our Independence Day! And on this show, we look at the efforts to protect the Declaration of Independence and our other founding documents even in the face of an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse (or a less exciting but more realistic emergency).

4 07, 2022

The U.S. Once Got A Fourth Of July Card From Over 5 Million Polish People (Cool Weird Awesome 802)

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Back in 1926, Poland wanted to thank the US for its aid during World War I, but instead of sending the usual diplomatic letter, they sent papers all around their country and got one out of every six Polish people to sign.

4 07, 2019

What Was July 4th Like Before The Fourth Of July? (Cool Weird Awesome 76)

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It's the 243rd birthday of the United States, and we've done a lot of celebrating over those years. But what were people doing on the Fourth of July before American independence? One of the most interesting stories is from July 4, 1054 - in China.

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