13 02, 2023

The Time Millions Of Legos Fell Into The Ocean And Washed Up On Beaches (Cool Weird Awesome 948)

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Today in 1997, a container ship ran into a massive wave off the coast of Cornwall, in southwest England. Close to 4.8 million Legos went overboard, and ever since that day, they've been washing up on beaches all over.

1 09, 2021

Fruit Flies Make Up Customized Songs To Impress Potential Mates (Cool Weird Awesome 603)

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Research from 2018 at Princeton University found that male fruit flies use their wings to improvise musical sounds to win the attention of females. I just wish they didn't try to do all of it in my house. Plus: a teen in the UK makes friends with a bee! 

9 09, 2020

The Very First Computer Bug Was An Actual Bug (Cool Weird Awesome 377)

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On this day in 1947, a team working on a computer at Harvard University discovered the first computer bug: a moth that had gotten trapped in the electronics. Plus: today in 2005, a guy writes to Major League Baseball to get that expressed written consent they always talk about to rebroadcast or retransmit a game.

3 08, 2020

Scientists Are Putting Little Cameras On Beetles (Cool Weird Awesome 350)

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Researchers at the University of Washington call it a "GoPro for beetles" - a ultralight, wireless, steerable camera that can ride on the back of a bug. And it's pretty effective at letting us see what these bugs see. Plus: a new online chart tracks the vocal range of famous pop singers, by measuring the highest and lowest notes they ever sung on a recording.

4 03, 2020

The Moths That Absorb Sound To Hide From Bats (Cool Weird Awesome 251)

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Some moths are built to essentially cancel sound - and it's a pretty effective defense mechanism against bats and echolocation. Plus: a heart-shaped work of art made by bees!

18 10, 2019

Keeping Up With The World’s Fastest Ant (Cool Weird Awesome 152)

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The Saharan silver ant can ran up to 108 of its own body lengths per second, making it the fastest ant in the world. But it lives in the desert, and running in sand usually slows us down. How the heck do they do it? Plus: in Banner Elk, North Carolina, the 42nd annual Woolly Worm Festival gets underway this weekend.

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