Baltimore’s Mr. Trash Wheel Cleans Up The Waterfront With Technology And Googly Eyes (Cool Weird Awesome 1241)

This month in 2014, the debut of Mr. Trash Wheel! He’s become a social media sensation for his giant googly eyes and his dedication to cleaning up Baltimore’s waterfront.

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Novelty Maker S.S. Adams Put The Joy In Joy Buzzers (Cool Weird Awesome 1011)

Today in 1879, the birthday of S.S. Adams. If you don’t know the name, you know the products: joy buzzers, sneezing powder, the dribble glass and hundreds of other novelties known all over the world all started with the S.S. Adams Company. 

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French President Paul Deschanel Once Fell Out Of A Moving Train (Cool Weird Awesome 1010)

Sometime on this night in 1920 the president of France fell out of a moving train. And the story got weirder from there. 

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Today Is Ed Balls Day, To Which We Say “Ed Balls” (Cool Weird Awesome 998)

Today in 2011, UK politician Ed Balls sent a tweet that just said "Ed Balls." He was trying to search for his name, not post it, but the inadvertent self-rep turned into a meme and a wonderfully weird annual tradition.

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Steve Jobs, The First Person To Order A Pizza Online (Cool Weird Awesome 957)

Today in 1955 Steve Jobs was born. His biggest contributions to the tech world are well known, but one you might not have heard of? Steve Jobs was also the first person to order a pizza on the internet.

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The Twin Sisters Whose Birthdays Are 87 Days Apart (Cool Weird Awesome 784)

Today in 2012, the birthday of Amy Jones-Elliott of Glenmore, County Kilkenny, Ireland. But her twin sister Katie's birthday gave 87 days later.

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Our Undersea Internet Cables Are Also Pretty Good Earthquake Detectors (Cool Weird Awesome 780)

We now have some 750,000 miles of internet cable on ocean and seafloors. A research team found a way to use those cables to measure seismic activity, without installing anything extra.

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John Titor, A “Time Traveler” Who Traveled To The Early Days Of The Internet (Cool Weird Awesome 647)

Today in 2000 that a post appeared on an online forum for the Time Travel Institute from someone who claimed he was a time traveler from the year 2036. Here's the story of John Titor, whoever he actually was. Plus: Build the Earth is an effort to recreate every single spot on our planet, but in the Minecraft universe. 

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An Email Mixup Led To A Very Strange Welsh Road Sign (Cool Weird Awesome 645)

This week in 2008, local officials in Swanzey tried to get English-to-Welsh translation for a road sign they wanted to put up. They got a Welsh sentence in response, but it wasn't what they thought. Plus: today in 1969, the first network message on ARPANET goes through, though without a few key letters. 

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NestFlix Is The Internet’s Home For Shows Within Shows (Cool Weird Awesome 602)

Web developer/creator/artist Lynn Fisher's new project is NestFlix, a website that looks like a streaming service but features the fictional shows and movies that are within real world ones. Plus: the Potato Photographer of the Year gives us some unforgettable images. No small fries in this group. 

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