The Twin Sisters Whose Birthdays Are 87 Days Apart (Cool Weird Awesome 784)

Today in 2012, the birthday of Amy Jones-Elliott of Glenmore, County Kilkenny, Ireland. But it wasn't the birthday of her twin sister, Katie. The two hold the world record for twins with the largest amount of time between their births: 87 days.

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Our Undersea Internet Cables Are Also Pretty Good Earthquake Detectors (Cool Weird Awesome 780)

We now have some 750,000 miles of internet cable on ocean and seafloors. A research team found a way to use those cables to measure seismic activity, without installing anything extra.

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John Titor, A “Time Traveler” Who Traveled To The Early Days Of The Internet (Cool Weird Awesome 647)

Today in 2000 that a post appeared on an online forum for the Time Travel Institute from someone who claimed he was a time traveler from the year 2036. Here's the story of John Titor, whoever he actually was. Plus: Build the Earth is an effort to recreate every single spot on our planet, but in the Minecraft universe. 

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An Email Mixup Led To A Very Strange Welsh Road Sign (Cool Weird Awesome 645)

This week in 2008, local officials in Swanzey tried to get English-to-Welsh translation for a road sign they wanted to put up. They got a Welsh sentence in response, but it wasn't what they thought. Plus: today in 1969, the first network message on ARPANET goes through, though without a few key letters. 

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NestFlix Is The Internet’s Home For Shows Within Shows (Cool Weird Awesome 602)

Web developer/creator/artist Lynn Fisher's new project is NestFlix, a website that looks like a streaming service but features the fictional shows and movies that are within real world ones. Plus: the Potato Photographer of the Year gives us some unforgettable images. No small fries in this group. 

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Boeing Once Used Potatoes To Test In-Flight WiFi (Cool Weird Awesome 594)

It’s National Aviation Day and National Potato Day, and amazingly, there's a story that brings them both together. Boeing used sacks of potatoes in place of humans when it began testing in-flight WiFi. Plus: in 1994, American Airlines released an 18 page book of its in-flight recipes, for anyone looking to recreate airline food at home. 

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Goodbye Yahoo Answers, Home Of The Most Bewildering Questions Ever Asked (Cool Weird Awesome 515)

Next month the website Yahoo Answers is shutting down, after 16 glorious years of... everything that went on over there. We look back at the most famous moments on a site that became, as the New York Times put it this week, a “haven for the confused.” Plus: a company is making a pair of sneakers that was produced in part from grapes.

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“Say My Meme” Is The Podcast That Makes Memes More Inclusive (Cool Weird Awesome 492)

The internet and social media don't do a great job making the very visual world of meme culture accessible to blind users. The new podcast "Say My Meme" describes those memes so everyone can enjoy them. Plus: Madagascar is home to the "nano-chameleon," believed to be the smallest lizard in the world.

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In The 1980s, You Downloaded Video Games Off The Radio (Cool Weird Awesome 337)

Today we download video games online all the time. Back in the 1980s, gamers without the Internet (such as it was) had to buy or borrow their games. But a few could download programs off the radio. Plus: there's a comet headed Earth's way, and it might make for some great viewing this month, or 6,000 years from now. Either one.

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