22 06, 2023

Some People Didn’t Think The Earliest Air Conditioners Were Very Cool (Cool Weird Awesome 1032)

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Summer heat can leave a lot of us heading inside and cranking up the air conditioner. And yet, if you look at the history of this invention, you’ll find quite a few times where people said, are we sure this is a good idea? 

17 04, 2023

What Does It Take To Be Great At Underwater Hockey? (Cool Weird Awesome 989)

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The NHL postseason is getting underway, but once the Stanley Cup has been won, what do hockey fans watch? Here's one idea: underwater hockey, which is a growing sport set to make a splash.

13 04, 2023

This Old City Bus Is Now A Traveling Sauna (Cool Weird Awesome 987)

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There’s a new startup in Japan that’s getting hot in more ways than one: it's turned a former city bus into a mobile sauna. 

11 01, 2023

A City In Japan Is Trying To Make Electricity From Snow (Cool Weird Awesome 925)

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When the snow and ice comes, it makes me think of getting out the snowblower. But a snowy city in Japan thinks, we could power our lights with this.

14 10, 2022

A Quick Look At Superfast Bullet Trains (Cool Weird Awesome 866)

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This month in 1964 that the country first began using its world-famous bullet trains, so we've got a few, well, fast facts about them.

28 02, 2022

In Sweden In 1712, February Had 30 Days (Cool Weird Awesome 721)

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Most years February is 28 days long. Every fourth year it has 29. But one time, in one country, for one year, there was a February 30th.

12 02, 2021

Milicent Patrick Gave The Black Lagoon Its Creature (Cool Weird Awesome 480)

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Today is the anniversary of the release in 1954 of the classic monster movie “Creature From The Black Lagoon.” The woman who designed the creature, Milicent Patrick, was almost forgotten, but film lovers and fans have been working to make sure her story is told. Plus: for those who find working from home isn't really working, Japan has a solution that's increasingly popular: an office-in-a-box known as a Telecube.

14 08, 2020

To Protect Themselves From Lions, Cattle In Botswana Have Eyes On Their Backsides (Cool Weird Awesome 359)

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"Ambush predators" like lions go after livestock while those animals aren't looking. So scientists at the University of New South Wales tested a theory in Botswana: what if we painted eyes on the back ends of cattle so the lions thought they were watching? Plus: National Roller Coaster Day is coming up, make your plans to visit Japan's famous pedal-powered SkyCycle. 

1 05, 2020

Couple Songs Are A Thing, According To Science (Cool Weird Awesome 289)

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You know how some couples have their own song? There’s actually psychological research into what are known officially as “couple-defining songs," and there are legitimate benefits to the relationship to choosing a tune to share. Plus: next time you're in Japan, drop by Neko Neko Shokupan and share one of their famous cat-shaped breads with someone special.

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