24 03, 2023

Dad Jokes Are Good For Kids, And Here’s The Science That Says So (Cool Weird Awesome 978)

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Dad jokes may not be good jokes, but they may be good for us: a study from The British Psychological Society shows how telling a very simple, groan-inducing joke is a pretty complex process.

25 10, 2021

Could Jokes About Uranus Prevent A Mission To Uranus? (Cool Weird Awesome 641)

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Humans make a lot of jokes about the seventh planet from the sun. But do scientists who study Uranus think the jokes are funny? The website Futurism found out. Plus: today is the first day of Magic Week, and there's a magic shop in Burnsville, Minnesota that's the oldest in the US. 

13 05, 2020

Otters Collect Rocks And Juggle Them (Cool Weird Awesome 297)

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Otters are known to choose favorite rocks to carry around and juggle - it's a real sight to see. Researchers at the University of Exeter have been trying to figure out why otters juggle. Meanwhile: Juneau, Alaska just set up a joke hotline for residents looking for a laugh while staying at home.

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