The Distress Call Mayday Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With May (Cool Weird Awesome 1234)

Yes, today is a day in the month of May, but that's not where the international distress call "Mayday" comes from. We'll fill you in on the actual backstory.

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For Some People Decades Ago, Winter Was Time For Barrel Jumping (Cool Weird Awesome 916)

There are lots of winter sports, like snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating, sledding, hockey and curling. One sport that used to be a big hit around this time of year? Competitive barrel jumping.

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One Of Aerosmith’s Biggest Hits Happened Partly Because Of A Mel Brooks Movie (Cool Weird Awesome 751)

Today in 1975, Aerosmith released the landmark album “Toys In The Attic.” One of the biggest hits from that album got its name from an unusual source - the Mel Brooks movie "Young Frankenstein."

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