The Arlington Ladies Remember Every Servicemember Buried At Arlington National Cemetery (Cool Weird Awesome 1014)

Many of our servicemembers are laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. For Memorial Day, we tell the story of a group who makes sure every servicemember buried there is properly remembered.

The “Murph Challenge,” A Grueling Memorial Day Workout In Tribute To A Navy SEAL (Cool Weird Awesome 782)

For Memorial Day, we look at what's become an annual tradition at this time of year: an exhausting CrossFit workout in honor of a Medal of Honor winner and Navy SEAL who gave his life while serving in Afghanistan. His full name was Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, but he's also known far and wide today as Murph, the namesake of the "Murph Challenge." 

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James Garfield Had A Lot To Say On Memorial Day (Cool Weird Awesome 305)

If you miss the speeches that often come at a Memorial Day ceremony, we have a story for you: the story of the speech future president James A. Garfield gave at the first Memorial Day event at Arlington National Cemetery in 1868. It was, shall we say, not a short speech.

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The Many One True Birthplaces Of Memorial Day (Cool Weird Awesome 48)

Officially, the community that started Memorial Day is Waterloo, New York - but Waterloo is definitely not the only place with a Memorial Day origin story.

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