The Arlington Ladies Remember Every Servicemember Buried At Arlington National Cemetery (Cool Weird Awesome 1014)

Many of our servicemembers are laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. For Memorial Day, we tell the story of a group who makes sure every servicemember buried there is properly remembered.

The Air Force Once Bombed Montana (Cool Weird Awesome 974)

Today in 1944, the U.S. Air Force carried out a bombing raid in Montana. Even stranger, they did so at the request of the governor. We'll explain.

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The American Warship That Accidentally Launched A Torpedo At FDR (Cool Weird Awesome 887)

Today in 1943, a US Navy ship almost caused a gigantic tragedy, by inadvertently launching a torpedo at the president of the United States. Plus: this month in 1932, the UK’s Home Office got a complaint about ancient drawing known as the Cerne Abbas Giant and his “impassioned obscenity.”

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A Comanche Code Talker Sent The First Message From Utah Beach On D-Day (Cool Weird Awesome 886)

For Veterans Day, the story of the Comanche Code Talkers, 17 veterans of the second World War who created an unbroken code in their native language that saved lives and helped the US military effort. 

During World War I, Photographers Made A “Human Statue of Liberty” Out Of 18,000 Soldiers (Cool Weird Awesome 809)

This month in 1918, two photographers took a picture of the Statue of Liberty. Except this wasn’t the giant statue that sits in the harbor in New York, it was a living Statue of Liberty formed with help from 18,000 members of the U.S. military.

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The “Murph Challenge,” A Grueling Memorial Day Workout In Tribute To A Navy SEAL (Cool Weird Awesome 782)

For Memorial Day, we look at what's become an annual tradition at this time of year: an exhausting CrossFit workout in honor of a Medal of Honor winner and Navy SEAL who gave his life while serving in Afghanistan. His full name was Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, but he's also known far and wide today as Murph, the namesake of the "Murph Challenge." 

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R-14, The Submarine That Made It Back To Port Using Blankets As Sails (Cool Weird Awesome 770)

This month in 1921, an American submarine known as R-14 ran out of usable fuel in the Pacific Ocean, and lost radio contact with the Navy. To get home, the crew turned the sub into a sailboat, making bunk beds and blankets into sails.

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The “Six Triple Eight” Brought Black Excellence To The Army During World War II (Cool Weird Awesome 709)

Today in 1945, the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, began heading to England for deployment. These 855 servicemembers, all Black women, took on a mission that may not have been glamorous but was considered absolutely essential to the war effort.

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Fort Blunder, The Military Installation Built In The Wrong Country (Cool Weird Awesome 646)

Today in 1816, the US military awarded to built a contract for a fort next to Lake Champlain, near the border with Canada. For years crews worked to make the fort strong, until one day when they realized there was a big problem. Plus: people on Tumblr say today is the 1000th birthday of a medieval monk's brother named Werner. 

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