“Mr. Tornado” Ted Fujita Was The Original Severe Weather Detective (Cool Weird Awesome 1114)

Today in 1920, the birthday of Ted Fujita, a pioneer in meteorology who was so revered by colleagues he became known as “Mr. Tornado.”

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Coffee Milk Is The Official State Drink Of Rhode Island (Cool Weird Awesome 821)

Today in 1993, Rhode Island adopted coffee milk as its official state drink. And in that state, coffee milk is kind of a world unto itself.

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The Teachers Who Became World Class Screamers (But Not At Their Classes) (Cool Weird Awesome 400)

To mark our 400th episode, we have stories of some of the people who have set world records for screaming! Two of them are educators, though I don't think they practice on their students. Plus: scientists have figured out how to 3D print treats out of milk.

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