When Domino’s Tried To Have Reindeer Deliver Pizza (Cool Weird Awesome 1133)

Domino's Japan once tried to send its pizzas out by reindeer, but they had to backtrack after a week because, well, you can probably figure out why.

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To Drive To Minnesota’s Northwest Angle, You Have To Go Through Canada (Cool Weird Awesome 1007)

Today in 1858 Minnesota became the 32nd state in the Union. There's a part of the state that's on the other side of a lake from the rest, which means anyone who wants to drive from the Northwest Angle to the rest of Minnesota has to drive through Canada.

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Linda Christensen, The Minnesota State Fair’s Legendary Butter Sculptor (Cool Weird Awesome 838)

At the Minnesota State Fair, there's a contest to choose a new ambassador for the state's dairy farms. And for almost 50 years, a sculptor made butter likenesses of the contestants. Here's a little about how Linda Christensen and her colleagues did it.

Harriet Quimby, The Pilot Who Became “Queen of the Channel Crossing” (Cool Weird Awesome 533)

Today in 1875, aviation pioneer Harriet Quimby was born. She isn't as well known as Amelia Earhart or Bessie Coleman but, as the first woman to fly across the English Channel, she definitely made an impact. Plus: on Minnesota's birthday, a look at a fact you might not know about its famous state fair. 

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