Patrick Combs Cashed A $95,000 Promotional “Check” And Actually Got The Money (Cool Weird Awesome 1100)

This month in 1995, the conclusion of a very odd saga involving one Patrick Combs, who deposited a promotional check from a piece of junk mail and actually got the money! 

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A US Treasury Official Decided To Feature Himself On Currency (Cool Weird Awesome 1065)

For National Dollar Day, the story of the time a guy overseeing the printing of US money decided the best person to feature on that money was… himself. 

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The US Almost Had Coins Worth A Tenth Of A Cent (Cool Weird Awesome 1061)

Around this time in 1935, the US government was making a big decision about some small amounts of money: there was a push to create a kind of currency worth a tenth of a cent. 

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Getting A Thousand Bucks In Oily Pennies In Your Driveway Is One Way To Wrap Up A Job (Cruel Weird Awful 7)

Leaving a job usually means wrapping things up with your soon to be ex-employer including getting a final paycheck. But here’s the story of a guy who got a pretty unpleasant sendoff. 

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Pennies Were First Used Back When A Penny Was Worth Something, By Golly (Cool Weird Awesome 960)

Today in 1793, the U.S. Mint issued its first circulating coins, which were one-cent pieces. Here's a little bit about how we got the penny and some of its most memorable designs.

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Tenino, Washington, The Town That Makes Its Own Money Out Of Wood (Cool Weird Awesome 817)

Digital currencies are having a rough 2022, but one alternative currency has been doing pretty well for itself lately. That’s the wooden money made in Tenino, Washington.

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How Did U.S. Dollars Get Their Name? (Cool Weird Awesome 804)

Today in 1785, the US Congress decided that the name of our country’s currency would be the dollar. Getting to that point was kind of a trek.

At The Arkansas State Capitol, They Let Visitors Hold Actual Taxpayer Dollars (Cool Weird Awesome 746)

Today is April Fool’s Day, but it's also it’s the first day of Financial Awareness Month. So be aware that at the Arkansas State Capitol, you can hold the state’s money in your hands.

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Ben Franklin vs Counterfeiters (Cool Weird Awesome 218)

Benjamin Franklin was a lot of things, but he always saw himself as a printer - and some of what he printed was currency for American colonies. Turns out he had some pretty creative ways to try to keep counterfeiters from copying his bills. Plus: New Orleans is hosting the Samantha Fish Cigar Box Guitar Festival this weekend.

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