A Baboon Named Jack Once Worked For A Railroad, And He Was Good At His Job (Cool Weird Awesome 1147)

For National Monkey Day, the story of Jack, a baboon in South Africa who was so smart he worked for a railroad for nine years without a single mistake.

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What Do Video Game Playing Monkeys Have To Do With The Sunk Cost Fallacy? (Cool Weird Awesome 456)

The sunk-cost fallacy - when we keep at something even when it’s really not worth it anymore, just because we’ve already put so much time or effort in - is a part of human nature. But new research shows it's also a part of the nature of - this is the best part - video game playing monkeys. Plus: our first story on world records of 2021. Meet the world's largest spam musubi!

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Voyager Went A Long, Long, Long Way: This Week’s YouTube Videos To Watch With Your Kids

We are covering a LOT of ground in this roundup, as you'll see.

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